Since 2008 the Gaza Surf Club has worked to support and empower Palestinian surfers living and surfing under some of the world’s most difficult conditions.  Support for the Surf Club has come in many forms and thanks to the generosity of fellow surfers and supporters, the Surf Club is making great progress in developing a sustainable Palestinian surfing community.

But there is still work to be done!  Explore Corps is continuing in its efforts to build a surfer clubhouse, which will serve as a community center for the development of Palestinian surfing, complete with educational, training and recreational facilities and resources.  The Gaza government and local “charitable organizations” continue to prevent the construction of the clubhouse but the fight continues to build the surfers the community center they need and deserve.  

Explore Corps is also seeking volunteer Arabic language translators to work on the educational surf video series for the Gaza Surf Club.  Lend a hand to this effort by contacting Explore Corps at

Your support is greatly needed for this effort!  Donating to the Gaza Surf club is safe and secure using Paypal, below, or by contacting Explore Corps at 

The Gaza Surf Club is a project of Explore Corps, a U.S.-based 501c(3) non-profit implementing unique projects in outdoor education, recreation and the arts.  
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